Brazil: a great market with sustained expansion

This is the PDF version of the book “Brazil, a Great Market with Sustained Expansion”, the second book published by Cátedra Santander-Nebrija of Dirección Internacional de Empresas, focusing on the internationalization processes of Spanish companies in emerging markets.

The book, presented in Casa de América in Madrid, draws several cases of successful companies in Brazil, providing valuable information about the opportunities that this country offers.

On a different note, it also includes a survey carried out in collaboration with Cámara de Comercio Brasil-España, conducted among Spanish businesses operating in Brazil.

LLORENTE & CUENCA contributed by writing the 25th Chapter, drafted by Juan Carlos Gozzer –Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil– entitled “Brazil: Communication standing on the shoulders of a giant”. The chapter describes the experience of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Brazil since the launch of the first office in the country back in 2008, which has entailed quite positive results.

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Innovation in LLORENTE & CUENCA, Professor at the IE Business School of Madrid and member of the Scientific Council of the Real Instituto Elcano

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