One Health, an holistic approach on health

One Health, an holistic approach on health

The health professionals that we dedicate our lives to healthcare, have confirmed, in recent years, that there is an interconnection between human, animal and plant health. An interconnection that we call One Health, a single health.

The relationship between the health of all living beings means that the actions of some have an impact on the well-being of others. Something that was predicted in the sixties by the veterinarian Calvin Schwabe – who is considered the father of the concept – and that has become more evident since modernization with economic expansion and the constant movement of people internationally.

Population Growth

One of the main reasons why the need for a holistic approach to health has become evident is the growth of the human population and its expansion at a geographical level.

Factory Farming

The link is not always animal-person. In this relationship around health, the trident is clear. The relationship between the healthcare of people, animals and plants is all linked. So much so that taking actions and solutions for some has an impact on others. This is what the

farm biosecurity. At Bioiberica, we work with a solid supply chain model, with full traceability worldwide, which allows us to avoid cross-contamination.


In a world that is increasingly interconnected due to the rise of international travels, the transmission of an infection is easier, as was the case recently with Covid-19.

Facing this scenario, in which the health relationship between all species is more clear than ever, at Bioiberica we know that its approach must be unique and multidisciplinary. Because we have verified that sharing knowledge and expertise helps to face the problem from different angles and to find an efficient and effective solution. And yes, when we talk about multidisciplinary in the One Health environment, we mean that a veterinarian can contribute to human health through a complete analysis of pathogens, in the same way that a lawyer can favor plant health by promoting regulations on agricultural matters and a architect, contribute to reducing the environmental impact with the construction of centers that are more respectful of the environment.

This is why our goals as a global company in the life sciences sector are fully aligned with the “One Health” concept. In addition, we are working at the same time in various fields of science and technology, to make environmental sustainability, the circular economy and the production of solutions possible, committing ourselves to the challenges of our society. This is reflected in our sustainability report.

For us, science and innovation in healthcare have a clear objective: a better future for people, animals and plants; that is, a healthier planet for everyone.

Adriana Olivares Communications Director Bioiberica

Adriana Olivares Communications Director Bioiberica
Adriana Olivares Communications Director Bioiberica