Welcome to the cookieless world: a threshold of regulations and technological changes

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This paper examines a transformation that has become crucially important in the digital marketing landscape: the transition to a cookieless environment. Find out which emerging solutions can help advertisers comply with privacy regulations and maintain the effectiveness of their campaigns in a cookieless environment.

You will also find answers to the following questions:

  • How are the GDPR and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) influencing data collection practices, and what strategies can companies implement to ensure regulatory compliance while optimizing their efforts?
  • What competitive advantages do companies gain by adopting advanced data analysis and campaign planning technologies in a cookieless environment with strict regulations?
  • What is the most effective end-to-end solution for marketing in a cookieless world?



Alondra Mota Tezanos
AdTech Manager for Paid & Performance Europe


Alejandra Islas
Adtech & Martech Lead Americas

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