Argentinian companies facing the digital transformation of communication

Communication specialists are facing a situation unthinkable some time ago: the empowerment of the individual, who has achieved in recent years, to have voice and vote. He is no longer a mere spectator of the environment: he now speaks, thinks, chooses, calls and expresses. To grab their attention and approval is one of the great challenges that brands are exposed to. If the company succeeds in this it will generate stronger links with their audiences. Given that there are in Argentina more than 34 million Internet users, penetration of Facebook reaches more than 28 million Argentines and surpasses the 11 million users of Twitter, we could take what happens as a great opportunity for the engagement.

For the second consecutive year, the survey “Is your company a digital company?”, carried out in order to quantify the degree of penetration that this environment has in the DNA of enterprises, taking stock of its performance during 2015 and understand the expectations of the digital strategy for 2016.

The study, conducted by surveying communication and marketing managers, is based on the experience of more than 40 companies in the Argentine market from multiple industries, from consumer goods, Energy, Retail, mail services, logistics to Technology, Finance and Construction.

María Eugenia Durán, Director of the Digital area at LLORENTE & CUENCA Argentina.

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