Ethical channel

What is the Whistleblower Channel?

LLYC is committed to promoting transparency and upholding its Code of Ethics among our collaborators, clients, and suppliers. Our goal is to create a safe and ethical environment for everyone involved with our firm.

To achieve this, LLYC has established its Whistleblower Channel, which makes it possible to investigate any potentially harmful conduct that may put our professionals, clients, suppliers, or other stakeholders at risk. Our ethical channel operates in accordance with Law 2/2023, which regulates the protection of whistleblowers and the fight against corruption. 

If you would like more information on how our Whistleblower Channel operates or the data protection policies within it, please refer to the following document:

Whistleblower Channel regulations


The Whistleblower Channel operates on the basis of the following essential principles:

  • Confidentiality: Access to the investigation process will be granted only to those who must carry it out. During all internal investigations, respect for the rights of the whistleblower and the individuals concerned or under investigation will be maintained.
  • Non-Retaliation: LLYC pledges not to retaliate against individuals who report in good faith.
  • Anonymity: Communications may be made anonymously.

Utilizing the Whistleblower Channel 

How to utilize the Whistleblower Channel to report potential misconduct:

  1. In written form, the complaint can be submitted:
    • through a designated form
    • via post to the following address: Calle Lagasca, 88, 28001 Madrid, addressed to Mr. Juan Pablo Ocaña González
  2. Verbally:
    • by voicemail

Please note the informants have the right to choose whether to make the communication or complaint through the internal channel or through external channels with different areas of competence. These external channels include the Independent Authority for the Protection of Informants, Andalusian Office against Fraud and Corruption, Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia, Office of Prevention and Fight against Fraud of the Balearic Islands, Office of Good Practices, and Anti-Corruption of Navarre.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and ethical work environment.

Whistleblower Channel link: here