Behind-the-scenes of the avatar and voice cloning technology of the 2023 Annual Report

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Innovation is a cornerstone of our company, and artificial intelligence has become essential in transforming corporate communications in an increasingly technology-driven environment. 

With this in mind, we are excited to share our 2023 Annual Report in a unique format: introducing AIRO, the hyper-realistic avatar of our CEO, Alejandro Romero, to present our company’s key milestones interactively. Have you tried it yet?

We want to reveal the ‘behind the scenes’ and provide insights from our experts into the creation and development process of this new format:

  1. Generative AI and synthetic voices

Our idea was founded on conversational marketing, and we aimed to find a technological solution that was different, effective, and innovative to highlight such an important communication for the company. 

By creating a digital version of our CEO and combining generative AI, avatars, and voice cloning, we successfully delivered a new solution that not only meets our own needs but can also work for a wide range of non-human-assisted environments.

  1. Multilingual voice cloning

Voice cloning involves several steps to capture essential data from the original material::

  • Voice Recording: We captured our CEO’s voice using specialized equipment to gather information about his voice’s tonal quality and speaking style.
  • Script Adaptation: Voice recording needs strategic texts tailored to be read. Recording keywords, phrases, and sounds was necessary to diversify the voice data.
  • Data processing and cloning: We processed the recordings to eliminate noise and ensure audio quality, then extracted key voice characteristics to train the machine learning model.
  • Translations: Our avatar needed to be multilingual to achieve global reach. Therefore, we cloned AIRO’s voice in Spanish, English, and European and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Testing and corrections: We adjusted the cloning model through auditory tests and objective analysis to make it more accurate.
  1. Producción de avatar

We developed a hyper-realistic avatar of our CEO Alejandro Romero with the support of VIDEXT and its automated audiovisual generation solutions with Artificial Intelligence. For this process it was essential:

  • Video recording:  We captured static and dynamic images of our CEO in a controlled environment with a green screen to ensure detailed and professional representation of his physical features.
  • Presentation and style: We aimed for a realistic result, staying true to Alejandro Romero’s physical characteristics and avoiding caricature or overly robotic elements.
  • Feature customization: Using specialized avatar creation technology, we processed our CEO’s real image to capture the desired facial expressions and gestures. We then added animated backgrounds to create a unique environment.
  1. Multimedia interaction

For the final product, we designed an immersive environment for a personalized experience. We produced an interactive video that lets users navigate the avatar’s narration based on their content preferences.

We keep pushing the boundaries with formats that enhance the impact and effectiveness of corporate communications for both us and our clients. Want to know more? Roberto Carreras, our Senior Director of Marketing Voice, explains:

The annual report highlights that 2023 was a year of innovation, diversity, and excellence for LLYC. The company confirmed its strong financial position and commitment to talent, }and sustainability. AIRO proves that creativity, data, and technology are key to Corporate Affairs and Marketing success, reaffirming our commitment to diversity and talent development.

Last year we also introduced a proprietary AI model for reputation measurement and launched AIgent to advance data intelligence. In 2023, our team grew to 1,181 professionals, promoting equity and inclusion and achieving significant financial milestones with revenues of €101.4 million and a recurring EBITDA of €18.5 million. In Spain, we were recognized as the BEST AGENCY TO WORK FOR 2023, received numerous awards, and strengthened our ESG commitment, excelling in sustainability and social responsibility through our Foundation, which supported 38 social entities and benefited over 1,370 people in 12 countries.

“In a world where being bold and staying ahead is essential, we’ve shown once again that we can innovate. AIRO is proof of that,” said Alejandro Romero, Partner and Global CEO of LLYC. “In 2023, our focus on creativity, data, and technology was crucial to our success in Corporate Affairs and Marketing. We’re also staying true to our commitment to diversity and talent. As we look ahead, we’re optimistic and confident about continuing to lead and transform our industry.”

Download our report and discover all the details of our 2023 milestones.