Data Privacy For Social Listening

In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter, “GDPR”) on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights and other relevant legal requirements, we would like to provide you with the following information regarding how we process your personal data on this website.

Data Privacy for Social Listening

LLYC utilizes social media, media, and other publicly accessible sources to analyze public discourse. Our aim is to study the opinions and reactions to issues of general and specific public interest on behalf of our clients and provide them with informed guidance. Our analysis is based on aggregated data on trends, which enables us to identify influential users who lead these trends.

What information do we process?

We process personal and non-personal data voluntarily made public by our users. We have implemented privacy by design and minimization techniques in all our processes to ensure data privacy.

We de-identify users and only re-identify the most prominent ones. In such cases, we analyze identifiable and contact information available in the user profile (such as bio, username, and job title/position) and content published by the user (including date of publication, author, reach, sentiment about the topic, and any responses or interactions from other users).

How do we process your data?

We process data in accordance with our legitimate business interests and the interests of our clients (to provide advice, monitor social conversations, participate, promote, and report on them) while also taking into account the legitimate expectations of users and implementing measures to safeguard their rights and interests.

We analyze aggregated data on opinions, sentiments, and user profiles obtained from the source platforms, to which we add the expertise of our team.

Our combination of third-party technology, proprietary solutions, and the expertise of our innovation team provides a distinct value in interpreting and recontextualizing the information we obtain. 

At LLYC, we strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct, which prohibits engaging in discrediting tactics, harassment campaigns, or businesses we consider unethical. Moreover, the conclusions and recommendations derived from our projects are never utilized to cause harm to any stakeholders.

Data transfers

Personal data may be disclosed to our customers on a case-by-case basis, subject to an assessment of the data subject’s legitimate expectations and with the application of appropriate safeguards and transparency measures.

We use service providers based in the United States, and all transfers align with the Data Privacy Framework between the European Union and the United States (Article 45 of the GDPR). For suppliers not subscribed to the Data Privacy Framework, we adopt updated standard clauses approved by the European Commission (Article 46.2.c of the GDPR).

Personal information is processed only for the period strictly necessary to realize the project, after which it will be blocked for secure deletion or anonymization. Deliverables containing personal information are kept for five years.

How to request more information or object to this process?

If you need more information on this subject or want to exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of processing, and opposition, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

Additionally, we remind you that you can report breaches and seek protection of your rights from the competent data protection authority.