Public Affairs, European Affairs, Advocacy and Corporate Diplomacy

The EU and its role in public processes.

Our clients require a real-time understanding of the political, social, and regulatory contexts in which their organizations operate. To meet this need, we provide a comprehensive political intelligence system supported by expert analysis and advanced tools for monitoring social conversations and official sources. This immediate and ongoing contextual analysis is crucial for developing and implementing effective public relations, advocacy, and corporate diplomacy strategies across all institutional levels: multilateral organizations, European institutions, as well as national, regional, and local regulatory bodies.

We leverage exponential technologies to anticipate and capitalize on future challenges.

Tracking technologies and artificial intelligence play a pivotal role in our services. They enable us to monitor and analyze vast amounts of information, tracking regulatory and public opinion trends. This, in turn, provides our clients with strategic insights, helping them understand and anticipate political decisions that may impact their businesses.

Global expertise for regional challenges.

We have a broad team of consultants specializing in Public Affairs, European Affairs, Advocacy, and Corporate Diplomacy. Additionally, our collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of senior advisors allows us to address our clients’ challenges more comprehensively and strategically.