Rebuilding trust in the mining industry

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The mining industry often comes under fire and is the subject of much criticism, leading to reputational and operational crises that can threaten the viability of companies. The real culprit? Lack of trust.


This lack of trust among different stakeholders stems from misunderstandings based on myths, misinformation, and past poor practices that no longer exist. To overcome this, it is time to rewrite the history of mining.

Our focus.

Building trusting relationships is crucial for mining projects. It not only helps obtain a social license to operate but also has legal implications.
During exploration, laying the groundwork for dialogue with communities and authorities. This dialogue must be built on a solid foundation of understanding their expectations and measuring their perceptions.
As criticism intensifies during construction and opposition groups amplify their voices, it is key to have in place a transparency-driven crisis management system from the start.
To ensure the success of a project, it is essential to build communities that support it from production to closure. This can be achieved by implementing a systematic communication plan that invites communities to engage in a permanent dialogue.