Being a leader in Network Communication will undoubtedly be more complex that in Mass Communication. Leaders will need to be more transparent and responsible than in the times of mass television. More transparency, since the Internet makes it increasingly difficult to conceal anything. More responsibility, as social networks give citizens and consumers the chance to demand public answers to their claims.

In this context, specialized online communication consultants of 11 offices of LLORENTE & CUENCA have analyzed the online presence of 20 Latin American presidents focusing on 4 reputation dimensions: management, leadership, influence and responsibility.

Main conclusions:

Results show that those willing to follow the trend and take the initiative of actively participating in this new communication environment obtain better results than the rest in terms of online notoriety and saliency. In this sense, the main conclusions are the following:

– Peña Nieto draws the most online attention.

– Correa obtains the highest score.

– Dilma Rousseff’s good positioning on Twitter should be noted, as she leads the ranking of comments and a good grade.

Iván Pino, Director of Online Communication of LLORENTE & CUENCA 
Juan Arteaga, Director of Online Communication of LLORENTE & CUENCA

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