Entertainment NOW!

“We have to think about our audiences by their attitudes and personalities to change the way we communicate with them. Many areas are joining the sector such as the technology sector who in massive experiences are trying to show solutions to users for implicit problems.” commented Sebastian Belmont, Marketing Manager of Hisense Mexico

We start a new episode of Nxt in MKT, in this installment we want to talk about “Entertainment NOW!” in which we will analyze the relationship between brands and entertainment in all its dimensions. For this podcast we have invited Luis Pedro Estrada, Media Consumer & Shopper Director Mexico at The Coca-Cola Company and Sebastián Belmont, Marketing Manager at Hisense Mexico, don’t miss it! Host: David González Natal- Moderator Aisha Hamud

Luis Pedro Estrada Media Consumer & Shopper Director Mexico en The Coca-Cola Company Sebastián Belmont Marketing Manager de Hisense MéxicoDavid González Natal PresentadorAisha Hamud Moderador