Deep Digital Business Trends 2022

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If 2020 was a turning point in the digitalization of businesses, exponentially speeding up the needs for a digital transformation, 2021 has been the confirmation that the changes caused by the pandemic are here to stay.

Over these two years, we have become aware of the need of understanding our stakeholders through the gathering, processing and suitable analysis of data, and to develop new channels to connect with our clients and adopt and exploit exponential technologies to transform business models. In short, we have taken some giant steps to acquiring a general digital mindset which, in other circumstances, would have taken us a lot longer as a society.

On this basis, exciting times await us as from 2022 in which we will observe the consolidation and universalization of some trends that just begun to emerge in recent times and, above all, a major boost to the development and application of new technologies for businesses, marketing and communication: the need for digitalization has now been taken on-board, and, therefore, its evolution will take place at high speed.

The journey toward the digital transformation involves major challenges and opportunities for companies and institutions, with strategic implications on different fronts, so, crucial decisions will need to be taken to cover data use, privacy management, ethics and social commitment, leadership, talent policies, the exploration of new communication channels and, clearly the adoption of new technologies. It is within this framework that the Deep Digital Business unit at LLYC has identified the main trends that will be key in this journey in 2022.