Digital identity becoming a leader in the Internet agora

Not being part of the networks is no longer an option, everybody has moved to this digital universe where millions of people are interconnected and constantly and massively influencing each other, the scope of anything that enters this sphere cannot be measured and its durability is eternal. In this constant connection, we are who we are depending on the opinion that others have of us, that is, our reputation. The value of people is becoming more important than intangible entities and is now a potential power that people need to know how to handle and manage in order to obtain the maximum possible productivity.

This article provides the keys to building a digital identity in the online universe in which those who are able to understand and use the infinite advantages that are within their reach, can benefit regardless of their circumstances or age.

Attractiveness, credibility and power are the basis on which persuasion should be built. In turn, the latter generates influence and reputation, necessary to achieve an online leadership; to become a digital influencer.

Juan Arteaga, Director of Online Communication in Latin America

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