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In order to recover public spaces, strengthen a sense of belonging and inspire hope, 3M created the regional #ScienceIsHope movement – a project that worked with local artists to decorate the streets of different cities around Latin America.

The goal was to move away from traditional communication ideas and plans for publicizing the results from “The State of Science Index (SOSI 2021)” to highlight science as something important, relevant, interesting, encouraging and inspiring for Latin American society and humanity in general.


Art intervention in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Brazil and Mexico. Creation of a “Science Is Hope” micro-site for safeguarding and communicating the artists’ work. This initiative achieved 141 publications in the media.

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The coverage strategy for this campaign chosen by 3M involved painting murals at key or iconic places in different cities around Latin America in partnership with local artists.

For inspiration, the artists based their ideas on the results from the fifth edition of the study. From among the study’s findings, the muralists chose the importance of including girls and women in science; the shared sensation that science brings hope to tackling the problems that affect us as humanity; and the importance of creativity and curiosity in the process of exploration inherent to scientific research; among other things.