M&A Communications Monitor 2010–2013

The financial communications team is proud to present the new issue of M&A Communications Monitor (2010-2013). This report, published every four years, analyses the scenario of mergers and acquisitions across the Iberian market and the role that communication has played in the most important operations throughout this period.

This report analyses all transactions carried out in the Iberian market between 2010 and 2013 from a quantitative point of view, an information which is supported by a qualitative selection of some of the most important operations made during the aforementioned period. Moreover, it also includes the conclusions drawn from a survey carried out among operation advisors.

The Financial Communication department would like to thank the contribution of Juan José Berganza, Guillermo Segura, Pedro Rodríguez, Pedro Pablo Zarzalejos, Luis Guerricagoitia and Eva Martín to the quality of this document.

Juan Rivera, Partner and Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Mexico

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