Fundación LLYC partners with CEMEFI to advance social responsibility and philanthropy in Mexico

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LLYC Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) to promote social responsibility and philanthropy in Mexico. This alliance seeks to generate value for society by amplifying its impact and reach. 

CEMEFI is a leading institution in promoting social responsibility and philanthropy in Mexico, with a network of more than 1,500 members who work together for the same goal. By joining forces with CEMEFI, the LLYC Foundation strengthens its social impact in the country, allowing it to foster change through social responsibility initiatives and citizen engagement.

“We are excited to join forces with CEMEFI in this initiative that combines the social commitment of Fundación LLYC with the experience and influence of CEMEFI in promoting social responsibility,” said Maurició Carrandi, General Director of LLYC Mexico and representative of Fundación LLYC in the country. “This partnership will allow us to create a positive and lasting impact in the communities we serve.”

The partnership will focus on generating sustainable and positive social impact in key areas such as education, equity, and community development. Both organizations will develop innovative and creative solutions by combining resources, expertise, and networks. 

The expertise of the Foundation’s volunteers and their experience in social projects, together with CEMEFI’s journey in social responsibility and philanthropy, will allow for the development of sustainable solutions to address the current challenges of Mexican society.