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With the appointment of the 41 new Secretaries of State, who take office this Friday, the new Portuguese government is complete. The Executive, led by Prime Minister Luís Montenegro, reflects a mix of profiles, most of them from a party political background, as well as specialists from the private sector, some of whom enter their new roles with no obvious previous experience.

The representation of women is noteworthy, with 41% of government positions held by women, including exclusively female leaders in the Ministries of Health and Justice. Unlike his predecessors, Luís Montenegro chose not to include Secretaries of State in his team.

The government will present its program to Parliament, with a debate scheduled for April 11 and 12.

Ahead of this crucial moment, we share our detailed analysis of the new leaders for a deeper understanding of the current political landscape.


Maria Eça.
Director of Public Affairs at LLYC Portugal.

Nuno Magalhães.
Director of Political Context at LLYC Portugal.

Bruno Simões.
Clients Director of Public Affairs at LLYC Portugal.

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