Jose Luis Ayllon, LLYC’s New Political Context Department Director

José Luis Ayllón has joined LLYC as its new Political Context department director. With more than 20 years of professional experience, he will enhance and complement the analysis and decision-making that Roman Escolano, from the economic context department, has been carrying out.

Born in Barcelona July 5, 1970, Ayllon graduated from the University of Barcelona with a law degree. Over the course of his career, he has held numerous government positions, including office director for former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy until 2018, secretary of state for parliamentary relations, People’s Party parliamentary group secretary-general and People’s Party secretary of communication.

In the words of Joan Navarro, partner and vice president of LLYC’s Public Affairs department, “In an environment where anticipation is key, the experience and ability Jose Luis brings to the table enables us to offer our clients high-quality analyses of political and social contexts, leading to better decision-making. His technical knowledge and openness to dialogue have won him recognition in the parliamentary world as a top-class negotiator, a skill which will be put to work for the benefit our clients.”

Political Context Area

In 2016, with the overall objective of facilitating effective decision-making, LLYC created a specialized department aimed at analyzing the economic environment to better understand new occurrences, anticipate possible developments and react to changing circumstances. Now, the new Political Context department will reinforce LLYC’s Public Affairs department’s growth and development strategy, as well as offer clients enhanced intelligence gathering and context-aware analysis services to augment decision-making.

This department will offer consulting services, leveraging existing knowledge to help clients identify the most suitable course of action for their unique circumstances. These services include essential strategic considerations, such as analysis and anticipation of the economic and social environments, research, management team advisory and training and positioning special interests in public environments.