LLYC and Voikers create a consulting alliance in voice technologies

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LLYC has concluded a strategic agreement with Voikers, a voice strategy firm, to help companies successfully anticipate the mass implementation of relations through voice and audio devices with its customers, employees and investors.

The agreement between the two firms combines LLYC’s consulting experience with the knowledge of the Voikers experts in the design and implementation of strategies, voice technologies and virtual assistants, brand personification through voice and audio content projects.

According to data from the Ovum Design Studio, by 2021 there are expected to 7.5 billion virtual assistants in the world, with an exponential growth that no other technology has seen so far, not even the smartphone.

Virtual assistants are changing the way in which brands are constructed, relations created, experience and content generated, and customer services sold and provided. “Voice strategies are bringing into play the capital of trust in brands and the future scope of their person-to-person communications,” explains Roberto Carreras, founder of Voikers. “That is why we chose LLYC, as a partner that can multiply our value proposition and also share our commitment to technological disruption.”

“There are many companies working in voice technologies,” explains Iván Pino, “but only Voikers does so with a holistic vision of business and reputation that is so adapted to the needs of communication, marketing and public affairs managers.” This vision, he adds “is also aligned with the CEOs who are leading the digital transformation of their companies.”

About Voikers

Voikers is a voice strategy consulting firm. It conceives and activates relations, providing brands with intentionality, humanity, proximity and friendliness. It is based on strategy, creativity, content and emerging relational technologies, from voice-tech to artificial intelligence, to create new opportunities in a new world beyond screens. Voikers offers an integrated and transforming vision that can design relevant, significant and binding experiences with the aim of combining brands and people through voice, content, emotions and conversations.