Healthcare Trends 2023: the main keys that will shape the healthcare sector

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The global Healthcare team launches its new publication: What’s Up Health, an issue focused on analyzing the main trends and challenges facing the healthcare sector and all its stakeholders in 2023. A sector that is a priority for society because health affects us all and where the major challenges that will be addressed this year require urgent action.

In the new publication, Ana Lluch, Senior Healthcare Consultant at LLYC Americas, reflects on how communication is a key tool to generate conversation that encourages the habit of taking care of oneself. She also offers us the three keys that will mark the healthcare sector in the coming months.

In this sense, digitalization and Artificial Intelligence will be one of the big trends for this year. Their implementation in healthcare systems will lead to a new hospital model that is increasingly closer to becoming a reality: intelligent and interconnected hospitals. Javier Marín, Senior Director Healthcare LLYC Americas, explains how they will work and the benefits they will bring for patients, healthcare professionals and even for the healthcare system itself. 

However, our healthcare system also faces important challenges that we need to pay attention to. As detailed by Emilio de Benito, Senior Advisor at LLYC, the upcoming elections, pharmaceutical spending, healthcare crises, the EU presidency and the digital divide will be some of the focal points of the debate in 2023.

Another of the great challenges that healthcare systems will have to face is the increase in cancer figures, which has already become the new pandemic. Ignasi Belda, CEO of MiWEndo Solutions, reflects on the need for health authorities to invest immediately in new methods of diagnosis and prevention of this disease.

Discover all the full articles in the new publication of the What’s Up Health platform!