Number 28: USA and Latin America: relations in the Trump era

From 1823, when President James Monroe declared before Congress that the American continents were out of the colonization scope of the European powers,and until Barack Obama announced the end of the U.S. intervention in Latin American affairs at the 2015 Summit of the Americas, the continent’s relationship with the successive U.S. presidents have gone through different phases that have proven key for the political,economic and social development of Latin America.

Will the U.S. recover its founding spirit of leadership on the world stage? Will the arrival of a populist in the U.S. Government influence elections in Europe and other parts of the world? How will the Trump administration change the balance of power in Latin America? Will social instability in Latin American countries end due to the threat of not extending NAFTA? Will Latin America find alternatives in order to boost its growth, transform its production structure, etc., without abandoning social challenges? Who will pay the price of the new “Make America Great Again” policy? Will this new situation cause the awakening of a passive society? These are some of the interesting questions we are exploring in this number of UNO. .

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