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The ecommerceand retailindustry has transformed in response to changing consumer habits and socioeconomic trends. Technological, environmental, cultural and organizational factors have driven this accelerated change. Now, brands must adapt quickly to the demands of demanding, digitally empowered consumers.

Competition in the market has intensified with the arrival of new players, forcing brands to rethink their strategies and focus on the customer. Consumers have adopted online shopping habits and expect a seamless and consistent experience across all channels. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate onlineand offlinechannelsto be present throughout the customer’s buying process. Under this context,has the omnichannel experience become a critical factor for the success and differentiation of retail brands? Do we need to close the rift between the digital and offline world to sell more? .

Building an effective omnichannel experience is influenced by several levers,from channel integration, to consistency in communication and customer experience, to real-time analytics to adjust tactics…At the same time, traditional touchpoints between brands and customers have expanded thanks to the emergence of new digital channels, providing both opportunities and challenges for building strong relationships with consumers. But how can brands adapt and leverage these new digital channels?.

After the emergence of these new digital players, customers’ expectationssociate based on their experience in native digital environments; such as social networks, streaming, online video games, can lead to disappointment when brands fail to meet those expectations in their digital interactions. How can brands leverage the successful features of native environments and deliver an engaging and personalized digital experience?.

In this scenario Appinio and Apache conduct this study to gain an in-depth understanding of the omnichannel experience transformation in the retail sectorcurrently in Spain. It will examine the various levers that impact the development of a successful omnichannel experience, the factors that most influence digital sales, the relationship between channelson and offlineas well as new digital channels that expand customer touch points and their influence on the bottom line.