Road to the unavoidable Digitalization of the Corporate World

We present the results of an investigation about the digitalization of the communication in the main companies operating in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.

The principal goal of this study is to show how the progress of the Internet and social media is revolutionizing the way to address the corporative strategy. The digital world slips through the communication plans of all companies, regardless the industries.

There are multiple tools available for the companies to manage their communication through the Internet and the social channels. But, how are they been used? What is the approach to this communication? How is this digital communication contributing to the business strategy? These are some of the questions that are trying to be answered through this new investigation.

The study, elaborated through opinion surveys to communication managers of the markets in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panamá, Portugal and Dominican Republic is based on the experience of more than 152 companies from different industries, from Mass Consumption, Retail, Automotive and Health to Technology, Finances and Construction, among others.

Iván Pino, Online communication director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Spain

Juan Arteaga, Online communication director at LLORENTE & CUENCA Mexico 

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