Study on the Digital Identity of Colombian Managers

LLORENTE & CUENCA presents its Map of Power on the Ecuadorian Web for the second consecutive year; a study that seeks to acknowledge and highlight the main influential people, organizations, companies and brands on the Internet.

It has been developed a ranking that highlights the main Top 50 most influential people and Top 50 most influential companies and brand on the Internet.

In the case of relevant people, the study identifies various categories: political leaders, business leaders, journalists, sports people, artists and show business people.

In the case of organizations, the study identifies the companies, brands, public institutions, universities, mass media and cultural organizations.

LLORENTE & CUENCA has selected three environments on the basis of which a person or organization’s influence on the Web is determined: Twitter as the main discussion channel on the Internet, where everything starts. The Web (websites, blogs, etc.) as a platform that gathers the influence of a person or organization on the Internet. Facebook as the environment with the largest number of registered users in Ecuador, although it is only used for the influence variables of the ‘companies and brands’ categories.

To check the results and further details of the study, access a

Catherine Buelvas , General Director LLORENTE & CUENCA Ecuador

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