UNO 39: Managing uncertainty

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We are facing a time of great uncertainty for society, companies and institutions. Economic volatility, technological progress, energy insecurity, war in Europe… We need to understand the rapid changes in work and consumption, how public institutions are being transformed and how global trade is evolving at a time when globalization itself is beginning to be called into question. 

This issue of LLYC’s UNO Magazine explores ways to deal with that uncertainty and transform it into a source of courage, imagination and daring through the vision of 12 experts from various sectors. It also includes an interview of José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and President of LLYC with Cristina Garmendia, Chairwoman of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation.

The panel of analysts who have contributed to this 39th issue of UNO comprises Víctor Lapuente, Professor of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg; Enrique Feás, Senior Researcher at the Real Instituto Elcano; Cristina Monge: Professor of Sociology at the University of Zaragoza; Pablo Turletti, CEO of ROI Marketing Institute; Etienne Huret, CEO of Natixis; Roberto Rocha, General Director of Teva Brazil; Mònica Costa, Communication Director of Covestro Spain, and Luis Echavarria, Manager of Repsol Mexico Service Stations, and others.

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