Why wait at the negotiating tables to get the ball rolling with the communication process that is so integral to building confidence

The difficult environment in which the relationship between companies and unions takes place has increasingly reduced the possibility of achieving alliances between both to strengthen the sustainable development of organizations and their human resources. Direct meetings between both parties usually translate into mere talks to bargain wages or discuss other conflicts, when a constant fluent communication should exist in order to obtain positive results.

This article is the first result of an important alliance with an exceptional leader in the field of strategic labor relations in Colombia. It is Jairo Burgos, lawyer and consultant, currently working for two important consulting firms as partner and director and previous Vice-President of Human Resources for Bancolombia and Banco Industrial Colombiano.

Jairo has given us his structured vision on the relations between companies and unions, and we provided our expertise in the field of efficient communication, the trademark of LLORENTE & CUENCA. This combination translates into this essential report not only for the Colombian case, but also other countries experiencing a similar situation.

María Esteve, Managing Director of LLORENTE & CUENCA in Colombia

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