CEOs’ digital identity: Ecuador

Nowadays both, people and companies have a digital fingerprint on the internet. Even without knowing it, we have a presence in search engines, social media or in any comments done by other users on the internet.

The management of this digital fingerprint must be aligned with the strategic aims of the companies. That is, we should have and specific strategy for the digital communication, which should be transverse to the company. All this in order to achieve the aim of improving de positioning of both, the company and its representatives as references to the sector.

In the following study it is analyzed the level of influence that has the managers of the 100 biggest companies in Ecuador according to their turnover level. In those pages, we analyze the presence, positioning and participation of the Ecuadorian companies’ main managers.

This study provides a ray-x of the current situation of the digital identity of the Managers of Ecuador.  But it also mention the short term challenges in order to achieve an optimal level of influence that permit to both, managers and companies, be at the forefront of current digital trends to increase their indicators of influence.

Alejandra Rivas, managing director of LLORENTE & CUENCA Ecuador

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