For the second consecutive year, Merca 2.0 recognizes us as leaders in Digital Marketing in Mexico.

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The prestigious magazine Merca 2.0, has recognized LLYC Mexico as the leading digital marketing agency for the second consecutive year, highlighting its constant commitment to excellence and innovation in this field. Our commitment to strategic decision-making, creativity and adaptability in a dynamic digital environment have been fundamental for us to consolidate our position as a digital marketing leader in Mexico.

In this regard, Horacio Navarro, General Director of Marketing Solutions LATAM North of LLYC, underlines “The current panorama in the industry is more human, despite the “in crescendo” boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI), GTP and other technologies.

We’re returning to more humane strategies. We must use data and tools but without forgetting the basics, what to say, how to say it and where to say it, reaching the head or heart almost surgically, design communication from the human, entertain or amuse. Connect to sell”. The analysis conducted by Merca 2.0 Magazine for its ranking of Digital Marketing Agencies evaluated 114 agencies in four key performance indices: Billing, Labor, Customer Service and Digital Media Presence. This recognition reflects the hard work and commitment of the entire LLYC team in Mexico.

Congratulations to all LLYC team members in Mexico for this exceptional achievement that highlights their dedication and continued leadership in the sector.

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