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Jordi Ramentol joins LLYC as Senior Advisor Healthcare. In this role, he will advise on healthcare projects, leveraging his business vision and extensive experience in the regulatory and market access sectors. Jordi is recognized for his ability to navigate the regulatory and clinical environment, driving the development and commercialization of biotechnological products that improve patients’ lives globally. His commitment to excellence and focus on business development have solidified his reputation as an influential and respected leader in the industry.

Ramentol has extensive business experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, including 25 years with the BASF Group. He held the position of General Manager at Laboratorios Lacer and at Ferrer, where he took over as General Manager before being appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2004 and CEO in 2011, with a career spanning over 18 years. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration (Internationales Führungsprogram) from the University of Cologne and completed the GPMD at IESE-Michigan Business School.

Throughout his career, Jordi has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and manage complex projects in the pharmaceutical sector, significantly contributing to the advancement of innovative treatments and solutions in oncology and other critical medical areas.

For Jordi Ramentol, Senior Advisor Healthcare at LLYC: “I am excited to embark on this new stage to face the challenges ahead. With my arrival at LLYC, I hope to bring clients all the knowledge I have acquired over my years in the industry, as well as my experience and knowledge in the regulatory and market access sectors.”

Carlos Parry, Senior Director of Public Affairs Healthcare at LLYC Spain, states: “I am pleased to collaborate with Jordi Ramentol again on this project we are building at LLYC to expand the range of solutions for our healthcare clients, providing a more business-oriented vision and facilitating solutions that improve patients’ lives.”

Georgina Rosell, Partner and Senior Director of Global Healthcare at LLYC, says: “It is a pleasure to have the talent and know-how of Jordi Ramentol within LLYC’s Healthcare team. Thanks to his extensive experience in the sector, we will continue to offer our clients strategic reputation and communication solutions in an essential and rapidly transforming industry.”

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