LLYC’s operations in Chile and Peru have made the 2023 Leaders League ranking for their standout risk management and crisis communication capabilities

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The LLYC offices in Chile and Peru are now ranked in the top of the renowned French Leaders League‘, a recognition acknowledging them as strategic partners in Strategic Communications and Crisis Management, reaffirming the firm’s position and unwavering commitment to service excellence and quality, and the capacity of its talent to face the most complex challenges in both markets.

In this regard, LLYC Chile stands prominent as a leading agency in Strategic Communication and Crisis Management and Competition Law Compliance; while Peru was recognized as a bellwether agency in Risk Management and Crisis Communication. It was the first time that LLYC Chile was recognized in this prestigious ranking.

Every year, lawyers, experts, arbitrators, strategists, mediators and crisis management experts eagerly await the results of this independent French media group’s ranking to see how they stack up in the sector.

The selection of the Leaders League ranking focuses on different methods, including face-to-face interviews, questionnaires and conversations with clients, who are contacted directly by the French agency at random to gather information and assess the reputation, quality of services and other relevant aspects of companies in the communications and public relations sector.

LLYC works tirelessly to improve its services and solutions so that it can bring added value to all its clients and remain as one of the sector’s leading companies in Latin America.