LLYC teams up with Slink to deliver advanced URL solutions for clients

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LLYC has partnered with Slink to help clients create more effective URLs. The aim is to assist them in creating concise, direct, and compelling links to ensure web assets reach target audiences. Slink offers keyword-based customizable smart links that are easy to remember, increasing the number of visits to the promoted addresses and driving traffic.

This partnership will enable LLYC’s clients to achieve a higher return on their URL-based promotions. The new service will improve brand association, generate more consistent identification, and provide key analytical information on the performance of the slinks. Additionally, the platform accurately records user access, even in traditionally difficult-to-track media contexts such as audio and billboard ads.

“We are very pleased to sign this partnership that opens up the possibility to simplify how our clients connect with their audiences,” said Ibo Sanz, Senior Director of Deep Digital Strategy for LLYC Europe. “LLYC is committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Slink undoubtedly provides that innovation, which simplifies operations and enhances the connection with audiences.”

“Slink and LLYC are at the intersection of innovative technology, effective communication, and data analytics,” said Alejandro Zalles, CEO of Slink. “We are thrilled to be able to work alongside one of the world’s leading innovation-driven communications companies to deliver a powerful new tool. Together, we present a simple and advanced solution to streamline and empower the flow of information across all communications and marketing channels.”

About Slink

Slink (for “smart link”) is an innovative platform that leverages brand association principles and the role of memory in advertising to greatly reduce friction in relaying URL-based calls to action. Slink simplifies URLs into easy-to-remember, keyword-based links, allowing audiences to execute a CTA long after having seen or heard it and without the need for a “clickable” link, resulting in higher ROAS.

Slink offers a unique advantage by bridging the gap between online and offline advertising. Whether it’s on print media, billboards, TV commercials, radio/podcast ads or digital media, Slink can gather precise ad performance analytics, allowing for accurate campaign tracking and attribution across all media.

The enhanced memorability of Slinks and their organizational capabilities boost user response, ultimately increasing engagement, brand loyalty and conversion.

For more information visit www.slink.com