LLYC triumphs at the 2023 Impacte with “The Female Classifier” and “THD: The Hidden Drug”

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LLYC has taken home three medals at the 2023 Premis Impacte with its “The Female Classifier” and “THD: The Hidden Drug” campaigns. The first was awarded a gold medal in the Research category and a silver medal in Corporate Communications. The second took a gold medal in the Corporate Communications category. Both projects stood prominent for their social impact and conversational value, as well as their notoriety and creativity, which were among the criteria considered by the 50 professionals on the awards panel. 

The Premis Impacte were awarded this Thursday at a gala held in Sitges and attended by several LLYC executives in Barcelona: Oscar Iniesta, Partner and Senior Director; Imma Haro, Senior EU Business Development Director; and Marc Casanovas, Senior Corporate Communications Director. Organized by the Col-legi del Màrqueting i la Comunicació de Catalunya, these awards recognize the most impactful projects in communications, marketing and public relations.

Óscar Iniesta, Partner and Senior Director at LLYC Barcelona: “Being recognized with the project ‘The Female Classifier’ is a sign of the firm’s commitment to make women visible as an accelerator of equality. LLYC is committed to continue raising awareness and encouraging society to generate increasingly diverse and equitable spaces of visibility.”

“We are very proud to receive these three medals. These awards recognize the firm’s expertise and our eagerness to offer innovative solutions that generate a positive impact on society,” says Imma Haro, Senior EU Business Development Director. 

About the awarded campaigns

‘The Female Classifier’ was launched last February with the aim of supporting women’s visibility. On International Women’s Day, prominent women from 12 countries used social networks to speak up and raise awareness of a semantic bias that was once a useful tool for women to make their way in various fields such as entrepreneurship, leadership, sports or culture, but now represents a hindrance.

‘THD: The Hidden Drug’ shows that addiction to social networks reaches the rank of a drug in certain cases: a drug hidden behind the apparent normality of the use of these digital platforms. Its objective was to raise awareness of the growing polarization in the world thanks to the collaboration of experts such as Mariano Sigman, neuroscientist; Patricia Fernández, clinical psychologist at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital; and Belén Carrasco, senior researcher and deputy director of Eyes on Russia, Centre for Information Resilience. Since the campaign was launched last December, over 1.4 million people have viewed the video on social media.