Luisa García, appointed Chief Operating Officer of LLYC and Luis Miguel Peña, new CEO Europe

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LLYC bolsters its management team. Luisa García is the new global Chief Operating Officer (COO) and will report directly to the firm’s Global CEO, Alejandro Romero. Her duties will include directing the company’s strategic plan for the next three years. This newly created position will report to the Finance, Talent, Legal and IT areas, as well as to Corporate Management.

Luisa Garcia has been a partner at LLYC since 2007. This promotion comes after four years at the helm of the business in Europe, the last 18 months as CEO of the region. During this period, LLYC has almost doubled its turnover in Spain and Portugal, with organic and inorganic growth. Before that she was the firm’s Chief Operating Officer for Latin America and part of the team that led the company’s expansion in that region.

Luisa’s promotion generates opportunities for other outstanding professionals in the firm, who also assume new positions:

Luis Miguel Peña, Partner since 2016, is the new CEO Europe at LLYC. He will thus leave his post as Global Talent Officer (CTO) to assume this new post. He previously headed the company’s Andean Region, where he generated a 25% growth in results since his arrival.

Partner since 2018, Tiago Vidal will leave LLYC General Management in Lisbon to assume the Global Head of Talent (Chief Talent Officer, CTO) and Technology. He will join the Global Executive Committee. Tiago’s leadership has helped LLYC rank among the most important firms in Portugal.

Marlene Gaspar promoted to Managing Director of the consulting firm in Portugal. Until now, she led LLYC’s Consumer Engagement and Digital units in Lisbon with excellent results.

Alejandro Romero, Global CEO of LLYC: “The new management structure will allow us to meet the challenges we have set for ourselves. We are committed to creativity, innovation and digital business transformation. Together, they form the basis for continued growth, as we anticipate and support our customers. Luisa’s role as COO is vital in this regard. I am also convinced that Luis Miguel will do a great job as CEO in Europe. He has proven his ability to lead operations with great results. Our firm wants to promote the professional careers of our best collaborators, betting on new challenges.”

Luisa García: “Our strategic plan will focus heavily on transformation, business model agility, and driving growth from all areas; I thus hope to make a relevant contribution from my new position and continue adding to the business.”

LLYC announced the changes during the week of its international Partners and Executives meeting, which will be attended by more than 180 professionals from the 12 countries in which the firm operates. During the meeting, which begins on Wednesday, the business plans for 2023 and the future strategy to achieve the expected growth targets will be analyzed.