Prevention and self-care in What’s Up Health: Are brands ready to adapt to the growing wellness trend?

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The global Healthcare LLYC team is launching a new publication on prevention and self-care within its What’s Up Health platform. A growing trend involves empowering consumers to take charge of their health and make informed, science-based decisions. This improves the quality of life of individuals and, at the same time, helps to relieve the pressure on healthcare systems.

Thus, increased wellness awareness has increased demand for OTCs, and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, an opportunity for brands that want to engage with this new consumer profile. David Martin, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at LLYC, tells us how brands can use digital marketing strategies to capitalize on this trend and effectively differentiate themselves in a sector with high competition.

However, for self-care to happen responsibly, consumers must have information based on scientific evidence. This approach is called “science-based self-care.” Isabel López Guerrero, Head of Digital Communication and Consumer Health at Bayer, gives us more details.

In this sense, having truthful information based on scientific evidence is critical in health matters. Fake news in the healthcare field and, specifically, in vaccination issues can have a substantial negative impact, individually and collectively. Ana Hernando Monge, Director of Institutional Relations for GSK’s vaccines area, tells us how to combat this misinformation. Investing in programs that promote vaccination and communicate its benefits is necessary.

Javier Marín, Director of Healthcare Americas at LLYC, and Javier Báez-Villaseñor, a medical expert in infectious diseases and vaccines, also reflect on the subject of vaccination, analyzing the reasons for the decline in vaccination rates in recent years, according to WHO figures.

Meanwhile, Ana Lluch, Healthcare coordinator at LLYC Americas, and Carlota Cano, communications consultant at LLYC USA, reflect on the role of awareness campaigns in motivating the population to take preventive measures against skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancer worldwide.

Discover all the full articles in the new publication of the What’s Up Health platform!