Rafa Antón, the most venerated professional among advertisers and creative agencies

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Chief Creative Officer Europe in LLYC and co-founder of CHINA part of LLYC, Rafa Antón stands tall as the sector’s most admired professional according to the Agency SCOPEN Spain 2022-2023 report. SCOPEN carried out this study by conducting 1,629 interviews over the last few months (833 with advertisers and 796 with agency professionals).

CHINA part of LLYC has made headway in 10 of the 12 attributes analyzed by the study. The report also reveals CHINA part of LLYC outstanding customer satisfaction level. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 55.6 pp, which is 13.4 pp higher than the average for creative agencies. Customers praise its original and effective creativity, the added value it brings to their companies and the way it understands their businesses, particularly its team of professionals and solid strategic planning.

All respondents expressed that CHINA part of LLYC surprises with its work and valued the stability of its team.

In recent months, CHINA part of LLYC conducted successful campaigns for El Corte Inglés, Pescanova, Adolfo Domínguez, Seagram’s, Flex, Asics and the Spanish Red Cross, just to name a few.