LLYC closes 2023 with solid results enabling the company to continue its growth plans

LLYC ended 2023 with solid growth in its business metrics, consistent with its January announcement. Our operating revenues surged to 83.1 million euros, a 14% increase from 2022.


We have transitioned into a marketing services company, and in 2023, nearly half of our revenue was derived from this sector.


Additionally, we maintain a strong financial position with low debt levels. This puts us in a strong position for future acquisitions in key markets, utilizing favorable bank debt terms.

Key audited results 2023

€ 9.2 MM

Net profit

+24% vs 2022

18.5 M€


+15% vs 2022


already accounts for almost half of our total revenue

€83.1 MM

Operating revenues



Focus on innovation

€1.3 MM invested in RDI (+62% vs. 2022)

Solid financial position

Net debt-to-EBITDA ratio of 0,04x

1,181 professionals

(66% women)

Our ESG commitment

Had ratings above our peers in Refinitiv and Clarity Ai

LLYC, a growth project

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