Massimiliano Turinetto


He leverages over 20 years of leadership in Performance Marketing & Media, serving as a digital business strategist. His expertise includes advanced technology projects for leading companies and team-building for e-commerce firms.


He has held significant positions in Performance Marketing Agencies such as t2ó and Artefact. In addition, his tenure at Reprise (IPG) has allowed him to make valuable contributions to media-related projects. His diverse background covers a broad spectrum of industries that includes Telecommunications, Travel, Finance, and FMCG, making him a versatile leader with a proven track record of driving success.


He is deeply passionate about the culinary arts. His love for cooking, particularly in the realm of traditional Italian cuisine, serves as both a creative outlet and a source of relaxation. In his leisure time, he relishes exploring a wide range of restaurants, with a special fondness for Mexican and Asian cuisines. This gastronomic journey allows him to savor diverse flavors and experiences, enriching his life outside the corporate sphere.