“From Word to Algorithm,” LLYC’s first audiobook: Understanding Public Opinion with AI

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How has the public conversation changed? To what extent has it affected the media? What technologies allow measuring communication’s true impact on business? “From Word to Algorithm: Artificial Intelligence for Understanding Public Opinion” addresses this and other questions. 

LLYC’s first audiobook reveals how advanced analytics, data, and the firm’s proprietary technology enhance societal understanding, enabling brands to make bold, effective decisions to protect and grow their businesses.

Narrated in a journalistic style, this audiobook alternates between stories and reflections, taking listeners on a journey through the evolving landscapes of public opinion. Combining professional expertise with massive data interpretation, DAS (Data Analytics Suite) is a powerful tool for analyzing digital conversations. The result enables readers and listeners to grasp social dynamics, identify influential communities and territories shaping their business narratives, and assess how they impact their brands, offering opportunities or alerting them about potential risks regarding brand reputation, marketing strategy, communication, and public affairs.

LLYC has produced numerous DAS reports or digital conversation analyses in recent years, providing insights into societal attitudes towards significant political, economic, consumption, reputation, or value-related issues. These studies have examined conversations around challenges companies face in times of uncertainty and how they are perceived. They’ve also addressed social causes such as women’s visibility in various professional sectors or labor barriers faced by the transgender community, and reactions to diverse events like rising electricity bills or the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

“Applying advanced analysis techniques to social conversation is crucial for eliminating subjectivity in interpreting context and making the most accurate decisions. Analyzing engagement patterns in social conversation often provides juicier information than semantic analysis of messages, like identifying main communities, real influencers, ideological poles, and key connecting profiles, to name just a few,” says Miguel Lucas, Global Director of Innovation.

With this audiobook, LLYC reinforces its commitment to leading digital active listening analysis, showcasing its ability to generate technological infrastructure that adds value to companies through Marketing and Corporate Affairs strategies.

Ramon Gonzalez Ferriz, LLYC’s editorial consultant and editor of the audiobook, collaborated with LLYC’s executives Miguel Lucas, Global Director of Innovation, and Maria Esteve, General Director of Corporate Affairs at LLYC in Latam, as co-authors.