From words to algorithms: understanding public opinion with AI

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How has the public conversation evolved, and how has this affected the media? What technologies can help businesses measure the actual impact of their communication efforts?

Our first audiobook takes the listener on a journey through the changing landscapes of public opinion. Through a combination of storytelling and analysis, we demonstrate how advanced data analytics and technology can help us better comprehend people’s concerns and desires, providing valuable insights into their views on current societal issues. Furthermore, we explore how this information affects the media, offering guidance on how to improve communication efforts.

Just a few years ago, we relied on traditional methods like media or market research, such as surveys and focus groups, to understand public opinion. However, with the advent of technology, we can now listen to the broader digital conversation. This has transformed communication by allowing direct and horizontal interactions, breaking down geographical barriers, and increasing accessibility. We can even use AI to understand conversation algorithms, which helps improve decision-making.

In From Word to Algorithm, we introduce DAS (Data Analytics Suite). This solution combines data interpretation with professional analysis to understand social conversations and their impact on organizations. 

Our advanced data analytics and AI technology solutions can identify communities and territories that influence companies’ narratives, establish key opinion leaders (KOLs), and amplify messages. Moreover, these solutions can pinpoint risks and opportunities regarding brand reputation, communication, and public affairs. This audiobook is an example of this, find out more!

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