Jeff Lambert joins LLYC’s Global Executive Committee

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Jeff Lambert, Partner and CEO of Lambert by LLYC, has joined LLYC’s Global Executive Committee. His inclusion strengthens the firm’s new business structure. 

This committee brings together leaders from different regions and cross-functional areas, such as Marketing and Corporate Affairs, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of relevant issues.

Jeff Lambert’s addition to the Global Executive Committee highlights the growing significance of LLYC’s U.S. operations. The company’s 2023-2025 strategy designates the U.S. as a priority market, and following the acquisition of Lambert in February 2024, the U.S. has become LLYC’s second-largest market in terms of operational revenue.

Jeff brings over 30 years of professional experience to the Global Executive Committee. He has led numerous mergers, acquisitions, and company integrations. He has also advised global leaders, brands and public companies.

According to Jeff Lambert: “We joined LLYC to be part of their growth momentum and to also fuel their U.S. market strategy. I’m honored to be among the firm’s key leaders to ensure the U.S. is indeed one of the fastest growing geographies in LLYC’s ever-expanding footprint.” 

Today, LLYC’s Global Executive Committee is comprised by Alejandro Romero, Partner and Global CEO; Luisa García, Partner and Global COO; Adolfo Corujo, Partner and CEO of Marketing Solutions; Marta Guisasola, Partner and Global CFO; Tiago Vidal, Partner and Global Head of Talent and IT; Luis Miguel Peña, Partner and CEO for Europe; Juan Carlos Gozzer, Partner and CEO for Latam; Jorge López Zafra, Partner and Corporate Affairs Managing Director for Europe and María Esteve, Partner and Corporate Affairs Managing Director for Latam.

In this way, the committee now includes leaders from the firm’s two major practice areas: Marketing and Corporate Affairs. It also reflects the geographical organization, with CEOs from Europe and the Americas, along with Finance and Talent corporate functions. Thanks to the new business model, the Marketing area now contributes half the company’s global revenue.  

“In the Global Executive Committee we wanted to show our latest business model. I am sure Jeff’s vision will contribute a lot. His experience and knowledge is key in making better decisions and keep empowering our growth strategy. Our executive committee reflects our values of diversity and inclusion by representing all of our multi cultural identities”, assures Alejandro Romero, LLYC Partner and Global CEO