LLYC Argentina launches the report: “The First 100 Days of President Milei: An Analysis of His Health Management”

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LLYC Argentina, a global Corporate Affairs and Marketing firm, launched the report “The First 100 Days of President Milei: An Analysis of His Health Management”.
This study provides an in-depth analysis of public health policy during Javier Milei’s first months as President of the Republic of Argentina and evaluates the government’s communication on health issues, offering a series of insights and conclusions that can add value to corporate decision-making processes.
19 March 2024 marks a significant milestone in Argentina’s political history: Javier Milei completed 100 days as President of the Nation. During this period, the President’s administration has pushed through a series of government measures that have challenged traditional political conventions and directly impacted the country’s health agenda.
Commitment to fiscal order and value for money are fundamental pillars of government management. The policy of reducing public spending has had an immediate effect on the health sector, and it is for this reason that the national government is looking to the provinces to assume greater responsibilities and obligations – and their associated costs – in the management of health care in their jurisdictions.

Beyond efficiency in spending and in correcting specific state levers, the report points to the need to implement reforms with a strategic view of the health system, aiming at sustainability, expanding access and ensuring equity, which will undoubtedly require reducing fragmentation and segmentation, as well as fostering greater coordination with the provinces, in pursuit of an improvement in health administration.
María Eugenia Vargas, CEO of LLYC Argentina, “Our analysis highlights the urgent need for reforms to ensure sustainability, equitable access and efficiency in the health system. While we have seen significant progress, questions remain about the future direction of Argentina’s health system.
Francisco Corbalán, Public Affairs Manager specialising in Health at LLYC Argentina: “From our research, useful elements emerge to design and guide strategies when building links with the new government. Beyond the hard data, we seek to put ourselves in the shoes of decision-makers, to interpret the pressures they face and the responsibility involved in managing this critical juncture without neglecting patients. Thanks to this exercise of empathy and by making ourselves available for solutions, we have received a vote of confidence to be facilitators of synergies between the public and private sectors in order to, despite the difficulties, keep the patient at the centre and bring them innovative solutions to improve their quality of life”.

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