LLYC to open a Security, Defense and Aerospace office

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LLYC’s Public Affairs area is set to launch a Security, Defense and Aerospace office just as a new era of conflicts has made it necessary to review the strategic framework of Spain and the European Union, where public-private partnerships must be adapted to a scenario of global instability. 

The new service will advise companies and organizations seeking an in-depth understanding of the political and regulatory ecosystem, along with the design of public affairs, institutional relations and advocacy strategies for activities related to onshore, offshore, aviation, space, cybersecurity and secure electronic communications sectors. The office will contribute to current and future debates shaping Spain’s capabilities and strategic autonomy, such as the creation of a national space policy or the definitive implementation of U-Space. It also aims to liaison with government agencies to promote industrial projects related to security, defense and aerospace looking to establish themselves in Spain. 

The office has specialists in defense policy, the Armed Forces and intelligence so as to provide clients with comprehensive advice. They include Constantino Méndez, former Secretary of State for Defense; Pedro Méndez de Vigo, brigadier general (R) of the Army; and Eugenia Hernández, director of the Intelligence Unit of the UAM, professor in the Superior Armed Forces Intelligence Program and member of the Observatory of Military Life in the Congress of Deputies. 

As a unit specialized in institutional advocacy and positioning in security and defense, the office will design projects comprehensively, incorporating all the complementary perspectives as necessary, from technical advice, building strategic alliances to the communication strategy, with the support of the firm’s Deep Digital teams. In addition, it will add the expertise of LLYC’s European Affairs unit for projects requiring advice at the EU and NATO levels. 

“Securing and defending our democracies constitutes a public policy that requires broad political consensus and the building of leadership that facilitates public conversation. In addition, Spanish companies have the opportunity to participate in European projects through the European Defense Fund. Our new office aspires to help fortify public-private cooperation and thus contribute to the security and defense industry in our country,” says Carmen Muñoz, Senior Public Affairs Director at LLYC and head of the area in Madrid.

In the words of Constantino Méndez: “A major challenge for Spain to guarantee its strategic autonomy involves consolidating a security and defense sector capable of competing internationally and in more mature sectors. This process entails engaging industry in ambitious projects to renew or expand the capabilities of our Armed Forces, but also to respond to new challenges such as the creation of a national space policy. This consolidation can also be a great generator of opportunities for companies and the creation of highly qualified jobs.” 

The LLYC Public Affairs area has garnered extensive experience in recent years in advising on Spain’s security and defense ecosystem thanks to first-rate projects, which have allowed it to be part of the most relevant operations in the sector for the security of our country.