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2011 was a busy year for the new brand d+i LLORENTE & CUENCA, the Center for Ideas, AnaIysis and Trends of LLORENTE & CUENCA. We ellaborated more than 60 pieces of independent and professional thought on issues relevant for leaders and decision makers in business, governmental and financial world in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

In some cases, our reports and studies, and the websites of our flagship UNO magazine, are shared with professionals, business leaders and political leaders who believe that the knowledge that we share with the market regularly has enough quality and relevance for them to be part of the effort to provide new ideas and independent thought. The culmination of the great efforts of all the professionals of LLORENTE & CUENCA and our friends is the book just published under the title “Innovation and Reputation” which gathers the most outstanding contributions of all the documents published by d+i LLORENTE & CUENCA in 2011.

This book must be a source of pride for all professionals in the Firm because it is the synthesis of the differential value we bring to our customers and the market and that we also place at the service of all those who want to know and share it. This book , along with all the other innovative initiatives that the Firm has developed over the past year, has been presented today at the IE Business School in Madrid, with the presence of Manuel Bermejo, Director of the Senior Management Programs Unit at IE Business School, José Antonio Zarzalejos, External Advisor of LLORENTE & CUENCA  and renowned journalist, and José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and Chairman of LLORENTE & CUENCA.

It is available for iPad, tablet, computer, smartphone or electronic book and you can download it on our site.

Thank you and congratulations

Jorge Cachinero, Corporate Director of Innovation in LLORENTE & CUENCA, Professor at the IE Business School of Madrid and member of the Scientific Council of the Real Instituto Elcano

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