María José Castaño, new manager of the Medellín office at Dattis by LLYC

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Dattis by LLYC, a leading communication and strategic consulting firm, announces the appointment of María José Castaño as the new manager of its Medellín office.

María José is a professional with over 12 years of experience in strategic communication, culture, and journalism. A lawyer, journalist, and experienced consultant, Castaño has built a career in designing corporate and cultural strategies, planning and implementing high-impact communication tactics, and launching campaigns across digital channels.

At Dattis, María José has played a significant role in the company’s growth and expansion in Colombia. During her tenure, she has successfully led the team and managed commercial operations at the Medellín office, providing strategic advice to major companies such as Grupo Sura, Protección, Grupo Argos, Tuya, Grupo Nutresa, Viva Air, and Interjecutiva.

“I take on this opportunity with great excitement and responsibility to continue supporting the building of reputation and added value for the companies that trust us with their communications and public relations, resulting in greater business development for Antioquia,” stated Castaño.

The appointment of María José reaffirms the firm’s commitment to business development in this important commercial and industrial hub. With her presence in the city, Dattis by LLYC supports the strengthening of Medellín’s business and cultural fabric, offering the company’s distinctive value in corporate affairs and marketing, serving more than 10 clients.

The Colombian-origin company was recently acquired by the global firm LLYC, consolidating the resulting business into one of the country’s leading consultancies.

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