Rainbot wins as one of the best projects of the year at the Regional ANDY Awards

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LLYC Mexico’s LLYC Mexico operation has been recognized in the Regional ANDY Awards 2024 for the “Rainbot” project.

For David González Natal, LLYC Partner and Managing Director Latam North: “Being chosen as one of the best projects in Latin America at the Regional Andy Awards reflects our firm commitment to innovation, creativity and the creation of transformative campaigns that have a direct impact on society.”

The Regional ANDY Awards, organized by The Advertising Club of New York, are a pre-stage to the Global ANDY Awards, one of the world’s leading international advertising festivals; in which the jury evaluates the entries and determines the regional campaigns with a high potential for success.

About the winning project:

With the aim of analyzing the evolution of hate speech and trying to draw attention to it, we created the campaign ‘Rainbot‘. The first bot capable of transforming LGTBIQ+ hate tweets into short love poems celebrating diversity.

Through data analysis, we processed over 169 million posts generated by 36 million profiles over a 4-year period. We found that LGTBIQ+ hate speech had been growing more and more on social networks, while positive conversation about it was declining. Moreover, we realized that in attempting to denounce that hate speech, we were very often also contributing to amplifying it.

Rainbot operates by detecting tweets containing hate messages directed at the LGTBIQ+ community. Through generative artificial intelligence, it identifies the hurtful words and converts them into short poems of support for the collective. Subsequently, in collaboration with users, these poems are shared, thus celebrating the pride of our diversity..

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