Talent Trends 2022

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Our work model has been in a state of constant flux for years. The symptoms of change could already be felt before 2020, but the outbreak of this pandemic, the widespread implementation of working from home, and a shift in professional priorities has accelerated the phenomenon. 

2021 was a year of transition. Some of the trends from 2020 were consolidated while others faded away. 2022 is when we see whether these changes are here to stay or whether organizations go back to their former pre-pandemic way of doing things. In our opinion, businesses stand on the threshold of an unprecedented opportunity to advance their talent management. The goal of this report is to highlight that not only has ‘when’ and ‘where’ we work changed but also ‘how’ and ‘why’. These issues no longer depend as much on the companies themselves but rather on the people who make up those companies.

What seems blatantly obvious is that the leaders of talent departments will have to continue making decisions amid uncertainty this year. We are learning to make decisions based on incomplete and imperfect information. This is an enormous challenge that will force us to be better prepared, and to be more courageous as well.