The digital conversation territory is the most relevant space for information, public debate and shaping of citizen agenda and political position today. It is where political and business leaders must be, influence and where their chances of generating trust and adhesion are at stake. 83%of world leadersare on Twitter, now X. Building a own robust community of followersis about getting promoters of one’s own mentions. More followers, more reach, more chances to amplify and impact.

This document collects the digital conversation that occurred between 25 September – 13 October 2023 in Chile under methodology developed by LLYC.

This time it is about the Constitutional Council. The relevance of this topic was confirmed via Google Trends, Twitter Trends and Google Search news, maintaining on this occasion our selection of 18 profiles, actors from the main political-democratic and business institutions, and including a selection of spontaneous profiles identified by their participation in the conversation.

The Brandwatch, one of the global leaders in digital monitoring and classification of mentions in open data networks, was used to identify within the Twitter platform, now X, the impact that the selected profiles have on the conversation on the topic of relevance.