Advocacy on the Internet

The social and technological context in which (current and potential) customers from a company move, has caused a change in the way they interact.

In this situation, existing social networks are the ones that contribute in a determinant manner to form the mosaic of what is known as digital identity. In the case of the law firms, the need of being present on the Net becomes noticeable, because now a days, their potential customers will search information about the company, their activities and the team on the Internet as a previous step before contacting them to hire the services offered.

But not only is a work of the law firm to build its digital identity; is also a task of the team to build their own personal brand on the Internet.

Experience taught us that it is increasingly important for the lawyers to be present with the firm on the social networks, as active users in order to add something else to the speech of the company. To do so, it is mandatory to draw a personalized strategy, on which values, principles and position of the company are clear, to guide the messages and achieve that the published content have coherence and both can benefit from the advantages of a solid a firm presence.

Iván PinoDirector of Online Communication at LLORENTE & CUENCA

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