Challenge 2019: communicating from the context

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The basic concepts of communication state that transmitters and receivers can only understand each other if they share code and context, thus preventing communication from becoming noise.

Based on this, figuring out this year’s communication trends implies first making a brief analysis on the events influencing the social, economic and political scenario in the western hemisphere in general.

The following are some of the highlights:

Companies, governments and institutions must know how to present, explain and vindicate themselves. Transparency is key for avoiding a potential disaster and, when used correctly, has the power of transforming an organization’s reputation. This is the core of the matter: communicating to give effective answers to society’s concerns, challenges or worries.  Organizations that really wish to have an active role in the conversation know the best ways of communicating amidst of an always uncertain terrain.

There is often talk of an upward tendency to practicecommunications based on ethical and responsible principles (that is, using them as disseminators of the organization’s honest behavior), which deepens transparency to respond to the demands of a society that wants to know who you are, what you do and why. Honest communications, built upon an authentic corporate purpose, gives organizations the opportunity to participate in debates and conversations centered around personal contributions to their business environment, while providing disoriented citizens a credible reference for information. Additionally, transparency and inclusivity place companies and people on the same level, improving dialogue and enhancing reputational value.

For this transparency to be successful, it is necessary to constantly know more about the scenario where the organization is operating, identify relevant communities and know how to interact. Once this ongoing analysis is complete, using the correct channels and media formats is essential to reach the audiences of interest.

Companies, governments and institutions must know how to present, explain and vindicate themselves.

Truly, there are no major changes with respect to what occurred in 2018. What is happening is the widening gap between those rushing to adapt their communication to culture and context, and those still languishing in traditional methods.


Arturo Pinedo

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