Challenges Series: Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency, developed by LLYC’s Thought Leadership Unit, covers and analyzes the importance of transparency in today’s era – where it is necessary to communicate with consistency, authenticity and purpose.

Over the next few weeks, Developing Ideas will be presenting the publication in our Firm’s offices in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the United States. On Thursday, February 14, 2019, it was presented in Madrid alongside Antonio Garrigues Walker, Honorary President of the Garrigues firm, and founder of the Spanish Chapter of Transparency International (TI); Begoña Elices, General Director of Communication and Chairmanship of Repsol; and Noemí Ramírez, General Director of Products and Customers  Prisa Noticias.

Radical Transparency is a compilation of articles and reports developed in 2018 by the Firm’s senior professionals in which the importance and need for transparency in different areas is analyzed.

The book’s prologue was written by José Antonio Zarzalejos, journalist and former director of Spanish media outlets ABC and El Correo, in which he values transparency as a right that all citizens should have in any freedom system. The introduction was prepared by José Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner and President of LLYC, who points out the importance of communicating with consistency, authenticity and purpose in a transparent world. Lastly, the epilogue was drafted by jurist Antonio Garrigues Walker, who focuses on the scourge of corruption, indicating that it is a global problem that can be overcome with transparency.

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